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Ireland - How can I avoid being caught?


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I use 2x 300w LEDs in flower and its 20e per month on the ESB. And that 20e covers the fans, dehumidifier, and fan controller too. I grow on a very small scale, in a 2x2x5 tent, it's the full-house 500 plant jobs or warehouses that causes electricity spikes.
I agree with "Tell No one." You know what it's like here, you'd prefer the Gardai coming thru your door than a load of masked up scum.
Afaik, the penalties are the same for 1 or 3 plants. as in, 3 plants or under are seen as personal use, provided you don't have baggies or a tick list. If anyone does accidentally find out, tell them they died and you sold your stuff. I find people quite begrudging of any success in this country.
I buy seeds, and as much as possible in person with cash at the shop whenever I can get to it.
I just started 2 photoperiod kush n cheese, so I'm going to start me 1st diary today, they stuck up outta the coco this morning :)
So i'll be keeping an eye out for your journal , Best of luck with it!


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Hi buddy.
I am in the very same boat as yerself. Growing just for me and the odd friend that may pop in. Keep things simple. I just started growing in Jan fir the 1st time ever. Bought my tent and kit in the uk from GroWell even though there are grow shops in Ireland the uk was by far more reasonable. I got my seeds from Dublin in Capel street. Irishseedbank and from sensi seeds in Amsterdam. So since end of Jan my set up has been simple and silent. Very quiet fans and carbon filter works a treat. I have my tent in the loft which is locked and really enjoy each day visiting my girls for a chat and a nice drink. I'm living in the south east and have a few neighbours but wouldn't worry about getting caught. 1 have 2 plants on the go and 2 seedlings just germinated. I wouldn't worry about your shopping habits online. It can be stressful growing if you let it be but remember why we are doing it. I love that I started growing my own. Just keep things simple. I wish you all the best in your grow.

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in the tent is as low as 15 degrees C with everything running (mars hydro reflector 48, 108m3/hr, 2ft x 4ft x 6ft tent), so i thought recycling the warmed air would keep the intake air a few degrees higher.

I don't suppose you want to swap for a 150w hid kit? I have the opposite problem, trying to keep temps down at the moment. I run my set up at night and I'm still hitting 30C+, have a .6x.6x1.4 black box tent, 4" carbon filter and extractor fan, with a clip on fan in the tent.
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