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I smoke to help with anxiety but have had little to no choice in what strain is available to buy here in Dublin. Sometimes I'm told what it is, but who knows really. That's why I have decided to grow a plant and see how it goes. I have picked an easy auto strain, high in CBD, so that i know what i am smoking is more helpful than harmful to me.
What I was wondering is this, HOW CAN I BE CAUGHT?!? As i said, it's only for me, but i've been ordering grow parts through amazon and researching the hell out of it online, also when I start growing my electricity will spike too (about 300w X 24hr). Is any of this activity monitered by authorities/utilities? Please if anyone knows anything I'd love to put my worries to rest (or not grow). I'd just way prefer to know what exactly i am smoking rather than having no idea really.
Also my thanks to 420 and the people on here. It's all been a great help to my research.
Ok I don't know much about Ireland specifically, but I think most of the rules are pretty much universal.

Don't worry about that power thing. Zero issue there. I think even in places where law is actively looking for grows - you'll have to be jumping up by more than a few thousand watts draw to attract attention. A regular electric heater draws 1000-1500 watts and many people are running those.

Number one is to tell no one. This is probably easier for some than others but really it's difficult for everyone and takes a lot of self discipline and practice. What's done can't always be undone.

If possible you want to set up a bomb proof hidden grow which everyone will miss on a daily basis. As if it just isn't there.
Smell can be controlled with a carbon filter and vent fans.
Noise can be controlled by soundproofing, location, buying quiet equipment, masking it with other noise, etc.

After that I think it's just back to the first rule, and gaining confidence in your operation and continuing to be careful when operating and buying equipment and supplies. Cover all the bases and there will never be need for paranoia attacks.

Avoid situations where you plant a bunch of seeds in the back shed and then one day freak out and panic when you realize that the smell is wafting through your neighbourhood and the fan is too loud etc. etc. All that stuff I used to do.

Mostly you'd be caught by people finding out at your end. It's likely friends who you weren't careful enough around- who then dropped hints to someone else- because if we can't keep our secrets- don't expect anyone else to.
Very very very unlikely you'd be caught through ordering supplies or through power usage or any source far from your grow. The home front is where you have to cover all the bases.
thanks for the reply bro, have the carbon filter and noise will only be a problem for my sleep.
Was thinking of extracting the air from my grow tent back into my room, as ambient temp. in the tent is as low as 15 degrees C with everything running (mars hydro reflector 48, 108m3/hr, 2ft x 4ft x 6ft tent), so i thought recycling the warmed air would keep the intake air a few degrees higher. My room is draughty anyway so there would still be fresh air exchange.
Was also going to keep adding cfl's to the tent until i get near to the 25-27 C sweet spot. Either that or get a small tubular heater to bring up temp. Going to hold off on germination til i get the temp. close to that sweet spot. Luckily i'm studying electrical engineering at the moment so i have access to cable and light fixtures, just need some suitable bulbs. Hopefully it's just a matter of fiddling with the wattage til i get the temp. right. It's hard to have too much light!(or so i keep reading). Any thoughts appreciated guys.
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Irishindica I don't grow with LEDs partly for the reason you mention. I need the heat of the HIDs. I don't think I could even use led if I wanted to, (which I don't) unless I was supplementing with a heater, which would totally defeat the purpose.
So it may be one good option to add a small hid. Better than a heater because it does a great job growing plants as well.
I've never tried recycling air. Plants do need fresh air though. Also- if you do recycle it then you may end up having a high humidity problem.

My system is a vent fan hooked to an inline thermostat. The HID lights provide heat and the thermostat causes the fan to kick in frequently for cooling and to bring in fresh air.
yeah i probably would have gone with hid/hps if i had known now what i knew then. Unfortunately i was wowed with the prospect of an LED system and now I have it i'll just have to make do. I was initially wary of the possibility of the electronic ballasts interfering with neighbours signals, causing a utility man to arrive at the door uninvited. What do you think of ading CFL's in the mix til i get close to the right temp.? It could be easy to alter as the weather gets warmer over here.
also thanks deVille, your security tips were something to seriously consider.*stares into the abyss*
Sure- I would just supplement with more lighting to bring up the temps. There's no problem mixing HID and LED if you find a cheap light to add. RH is very important so you'll have to balance that- especially if your climate is damp. Creating more heat is one way. Another way is to add a dehumidifier which also creates heat so has a dual RH reducing effect. So that's one other option. You can't really cut many corners in the basic environment- light, temps, RH. Then also nutrients, water, and ph.
Thanks for the reply DeVille,
My lights, fan and tent were all delivered in discreet packaging from amazon. The seeds i brought back from Amsterdam personally, and the rest should be untraceable, as i paid cash. I was mostly worried about my crazy obvious browsing activity. Have you heard anything about any governments or internet utilities monitoring marijuana browsing activities? that's my major concern.
Hi IrishIndica :welcome: Your browsing activities are not that interesting, think about how much it would cost to monitor everyone's browsing data and what the reward would be, even if they did.

The government does not care about what you do in the privacy of your own home, only when you become a public nuisance will anyone pay any attention to what you are doing.

Tell no-one, show no-one. Never deal.

Don't recycle air, get a carbon filter and inline fan & get a little oil filled heater to place inside your tent, where the air comes in.
Thanks for the reply DeVille,
My lights, fan and tent were all delivered in discreet packaging from amazon. The seeds i brought back from Amsterdam personally, and the rest should be untraceable, as i paid cash. I was mostly worried about my crazy obvious browsing activity. Have you heard anything about any governments or internet utilities monitoring marijuana browsing activities? that's my major concern.
Never heard about that happening. Think you should be fine

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hello Irishindica welcome. Seeds wise you can telephone the seed banks with your order then e-mail them when you have paid monies into their bank account job done. here in the UK i have had no problems. Gorilla seed banks good. As others say Tell no one.I think it is criminal gang grows they are targeting rather than your home grower especially with all the cut backs going on. Hopefully in the very near future it wont be a crime to pop them gems. Even if it was legal i still wouldn't tell any one what i was doing. S.P.S ( self preservation society) regards
Thanks for all the replies folks, some good advice there alright! reckon i'll start germinating next week.
I'd like to get a grow journal going for my first grow, but i can't seem to figure out where the right link is to actually do that! guess i'm a bit slow to find my bearings on this site when it comes to posting. what am i missing guys? :hmmmm::helpsmilie:
Make a grow journal. Excellent way to get help from this great community if something goes wrong with your grow.

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thanks for the link! was having real trouble finding it myself :smokin: Just started germinating my two seeds today. realised I wont be in the country for a week come the 19th of may so it's now or never. They are auto white diesel haze. only have two cos one got damaged. really hope they both germ. gonna start a journal in the next few days then i hope!
Hi IrishIndica
I am a medical grower for personal use. I began growing for similar reasons as you.

I order from Attitude Seeds in the UK, never had a problem getting them here and have never raised an eyebrow. I live in a village where everyone knows, or likes to know, your business.

Never tell anyone. Not even the lads because people love to talk...

I grow indoor and out. Air carbon filter will be a must. I grew without one once and I could smell my plants outside my cottage door.

3 plants is a slap on the wrist, 8 plants and you are in trouble. You won't get caught unless you are careless.

Always pay ESB on time. They are not going to call you on one or two bulbs.

Ireland has such a massive drug problem, and the government is no help. Garda are overwhelmed. The amount of drugs flowing in my village, is disturbing and sad. Explains why many of the younger ones are raging assholes. . what I am trying to say is Garda are not concerned about you with 1-3 plants. They don't have the time. Grow, just be smart about it.

Make sure to delete your photos-after you've posted them here to share with us! I keep my note book next to my tent.

BloomandGrow in Dublin and the hydroponic shop in Dublin .I so jealous that get to walk in there! Someday I'll make a trip!

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