Ireland: Man Arrested After Cannabis Worth Up To €5M Seized

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Gardaí in Dublin are questioning a 48-year-old man following a cannabis seizure which they estimate to be worth up to €5 million.

The man was arrested yesterday afternoon in Lucan during a routine traffic stop as he was driving into Dublin.

He is being detained at Lucan Garda Station where he can be detained for up to seven days.

The drugs were packed into boxes and Gardaí are still trying to determine the quantity.

It is one of the largest drugs seizures in Dublin this year.

A patrol car pulled over the driver of a light commercial Mercedes truck in Lucan as he was driving on the N4 towards the city at around 2.50pm yesterday afternoon.

Gardaí became suspicious as they spoke to him and searched the van, finding 15 boxes of cannabis herb.

The drugs were vacuum packed into 1kg bags - one box had around 20kg.

The man is being detained under drug trafficking legislation and can be questioned for up to a week.

The boxes are of different sizes and Gardaí estimate the value at between €4m and €5m.


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