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Hey guys! after numerous threads on the 420 forums, I have my lights selected as well as my hydro kit. Now, I want a grow tent. I will be using a 150w compact HPS light and a PowerGrower Hydro kit. Now, is it worth spending an extra 150 in getting a Co2 filter, fan, duct... for my grow tent or can I just use an oscilating fan to keep things cool/reduce smells? I would only be growing one plant at a time, and starting flowering when its 6 in. to keep the plant extra short. Any advice is extra appreciated


An oscilating fan will not reduce smell. The thing I'd be worried about is the fact that the tent is an enclosed area. If it were more open like a closet is, you would have less of a problem with heat. Co2 is completely optional.
Thanks Ms. Fox! Do you think an oscilating fan would be enough to cool down the Compact HPS light?

On another note, 12/12 growing... How long until the harvest?
Honestly, I used a tower oscillating fan to cool my grow in the closet, but I also had another fan cooling the light. I rigged it up, so it worked. I never had a problem with temps. It just takes a bit of creativity. ;-)
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