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Latest bit smoke, rare find in my area


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Ok so first post with pics. Got a bit of Purple Dawg a Hybrid that's crossed Grape Train Kush and Star Dawg. Was surprised to see it was Star Dawg and not Chemdawg when I looked in to it. Anyway the results are a nice indica dominant Hybrid. Like the info I read about it it is one of the "purple strains" that doesn't actually show any purple. Pics ain't the greatest some have flash on some don't and i couldn't find my magnifier.Doesn't have great bag appeal,looks a bit rough and not the smelliest but don't let that put you off if you get the chance to try it. Great for just chilling out.

Once I figure out how lol I will post my pic collection a little bit at a time. Most I can't remember what they were but their nice to look at :) If anyone wants to take a guess by all means tell me what you think and I'll let you know if it rings a bell. Also have pics of some of my mind bending builds lol. Have my first idea for a grow but that's for another time and place. If this kinda post isn't allowed my apologies but I read through all the different FAQs why and think I should be good lol?


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