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Lemon Skunk pics, 1 wk from harvest


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They look great! Give it a few extra days for them to really finish up. If it's 1 week, go for 1.5 week.

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get a microscope that has a 40x magnify on it, look at the trics and see if most of them are milky and some of them should have an amber head on em! if so, she is ready, but make sure they are not clear or that or any for that matter you want milky or amber, no clear... but dont let it go to far, cus then it starts loosing THC and you dont want that!!!


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ya these pics dont really do em justice, theyre actually pretty big, and yes I always use a pocketscope to check trich's. theyre about as round as an arizona ice tea can, and real dense. Ill put up some better pics right before harvest...
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