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Datrippp's Lemon Skunk Aero/NFT Grow


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Ok, Im starting a journal on my lemon skunk hydro grow. Ill be using a home made Aero/NFT system that I built using the stinkbud design. I will be using 10 monster clones I took off my flowering plants at about day 20. They look great, and have good roots . Ill get pics up tonight of the clones in the cloner, as well as the setup they will be going into. Im using GH's nutes. gro, bloom, & Koolblooms. along with mollasses & technaflora's sugar daddy. I have 2 600w hps lights, 1 lumatek, and 1 magnetic style. The temps usually stay in the 65-82 range, during this time of year. Ive had 2 good soil grows with this strain, and think its time to give my hydro unit a good run. Thanx for looking, and Im hoping to be able to update daily with pics. if I missed any info, please let me know and Ill do my best to get it up right away..


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ok, as promised heres a couple pics of my clones, still in the cloner. theyve had roots for about a week now, and have already started re-veg. Im planning on a 2 week veg, then into flower in the hydro unit along side 10 2gal. bucket soil plants from the same batch of clones as these.
thanx for looking..


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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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Ok, heres a few pics of bud development during week 4 of flower, and a shot of the roots. Theyre a nice white color, look real healthy, the pic dont do much justice for em. lol..



I had a PH issue, that was causing nitrogen deff., I think I got it all balanced out now, the yellowing has subsided, and the new growth is great. This is my first real run with this hydro using good genetics, and so far its been a pretty simple user friendly setup. Imusing GH nutes, 600w lumatek, and have 10 Lemon Skunk plants in the unit.


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Ok, Heres a couple updated pics of the hydro, and some of my soils with a N-def., Its better now. lol.. anyway,, These are at mid-end of week 5.


The HPS light makes the yellowing look much worse in the pic on the little soils on the left, theyre fine. lol. And the Hydro Plants are Monster Clones, So if you noticed the big single blade leaves, theres your answer, lol.. I put these into flower pretty fast after re-veg once they rooted, they were 3" at the start, and average about 25" now but theyre filling up with nice looking buds that have started forming cola tops. Now I just have to help em do it as good as they can..lol. Im using GH nutes, just the basic 3 part,(I use the Hardwater Micro), and liquid Koolblooms. Im keeping my Res topped off at about 1250-TDS, My water is 300tds by itself, And keep the PH between 5.7-6.0, So far they seem good, starting to get real frosty already, and Buds swelling nicely. I may add some Bloombastic to this grow at end of week 6. Havent decided yet.. Thanx for looking..


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Ok, This grow is completed. We ended up pretty good.. I lost my internet for awhile, and just got it back. Its been a cluster around here but is finally back to normal I hope anyway.. lol.. Illget a new journal going with red cherry berry, and hopefully wont have any problems getting the info up and posted here. lol.. Anyway, thanx for looking and my next journal will be much better..

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

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