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Little problem need idea....


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except of the 2 nl thet i very soon finsh to grow them i grow in anther place
4 plant from seed everyone difrant species . 3 of them gorw well and jast with one of them i have a problem (the life from doun are wrinkled not the top)its seem to me over fertilization because of the rast are ok.

tel me if i work ok i start from yesthrday to washing hem withe regular water with ph balanced for 2 days is it ok?
and after he become healthy i continue with the fertilization is it ok?:hmmmm:


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Re: litlle problem need idea....

yes flush the plant and then when you start back up with the nutrient start at about half of what you used before and slowly build up. It sounds like this plant might be more sensitive to nutrients than the others. It sometimes happens.
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