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long term storage


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Hey all,
I'm new here and wanted to jump right in with a question. I used the search feature to try and see if this has been addressed already, but couldn't find anything. If this has been covered, please accept my apologies in advance.

My question is about long term storage.
I will be acquiring a fairly large amount over the next few days, however I am not able to partake for about 4-6 weeks for various reasons. So I want to store it and would like it to stay fresh.

I've asked some friends, but received contradictory information. One buddy says "freeze it" and another buddy says "never freeze it under any circumstances. One buddy says put a piece of orange or banana peel in the bag then suck the air out... another friend says just leave it exactly how it is and if it dries out a little it won't make any difference...

It almost seems like if I ask 20 people I might get 20 different answers.
So anyway, i wanted to see what the experts think and that's why I came here.

Before anybody asks, I have no choice but to get it now. I won't have the opportunity to get it in 4-6 weeks when I am able to smoke. So it's now or never. My only concern is it going stale.

What would you do?


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Don't put any fruit peel in the bag if you're storing it for a long time that will promote mold growth. If anything put the fruit in as soon as you want to start using the bud.


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If freezing for longer term storage, do not keep removing the bag from the freezer to take more out. Thawing and then refreezing over and over is no good for potency.
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