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M.I.L.F. - Marijuana I'd Love to Find


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Post up some pics of your fav, and/or tell us why you so badly want it.

I'd love some Soma Rock Bud. Look at it. Need I say more?


Be sure to use the Gallery! :allgood:
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Only get those colors in a outdoor grow. Can't beat sunlight.^

The Hog by TH Seeds


Super resin glands cover this lady.
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how do you get seeds for those genetics ?..."Brother please,feed me" .I need a good seed pardner...any takers LOL


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id harvest an organ to finally get a hold of some Royal Purple beans!!


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Don't have no pics. But I would like to find sone true true Jamaican Lambsbread. One of The Revolutionary Mr. Bob Marley Favorites. I wanna see what he was flyin on.
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Hindu Kush.
I don't really know why, I've just always realllly wanted to try it.


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i've always loved hawaiian strains and the skunk varieties that cali has to offer but..................

stoner for life is right, HERIJUANA is the one strain i wish i had again!

not gonna lie, you think youre a pot smoker? This stuff will destroy you!
stongest weed ive EVER tried! Period.
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