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Mail Order Marijuana Leads To Bust

Jim Finnel

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Ferriday — A Ferriday man was arrested late last week after he allegedly used the federal postal service to ship drugs.

Stanley W. Burns, 245 Calhoun Road, was arrested when he allegedly accepted a package containing three ounces of high-grade marijuana, a press release from the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday.

The package was mailed from Redding, Calif., where law enforcement and postal officials are conducting an investigation into its source.

A K-9 dog discovered the package at the Shreveport Post Office, and authorities at the Concordia Narcotics Task Force obtained a warrant to search the package.

Officials delivered the package to the Ferriday Post Office, where an individual had made several calls inquiring about its arrival.

When the package arrived, postal officials contacted Burns, and he accepted the package.

Burns was arrested at the Ferriday Post Office.

The package contained two bundles of marijuana — about three ounces — and two pounds of coffee beans, which are commonly used to hide the scent of drugs while they are shipped.

Authorities pursued the vehicle that brought Burns to the post office, but it was found abandoned and the occupants fled the scene on foot.

Bond for Burns was set at $25,000, and he faces the possibility of being charged federally by the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office.

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