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Whats goin on guys, Ive been reading this forum for a long ass time now and have been meaning to register but haven't gotten around to it until now. I decided to go ahead and register now partly because I have a question :hmmmm: . I know about the faq forum but i figure more people look here but i guess a mod can move it if they want.

so anyways my question. i'm looking to make a bong out of a grey goose vodka bottle. i have bought a slide and a glass drill bit. A obviously want to drill the whole for the slide at an angle and I'm wondering if this will be difficult to do well. I'd appreciate any advice or tips from somebody that has done something like this before. haha this bong gonna be fuckin awesome if it works out :allgood:
use the search button at the top and type in "how to make a bong" time put this in the faq section. goldchico could prolly help u if u pm him, he makes some nice bong. peace bro
Not trying to be a dick becuase I know I'm new and I dont wanna be like that but you go ahead and dearch "how to make a bong" and see if you find an answer to my specific question.

edit: and I mentioned the faq section and said my reason for not posting it there
yea lol im real high and i miss shit. nah i see what ya mean...
haha its cool man i. thanks for the link i guess i could have looked harder
Hawker said:
dremel, diamond bit, seals (rubber o-ring) stem and bowl, there you go....

ya but what about drilling at an angle? is that gonna be difficult?
can't drill at an angle man, you'll break the glass, pm me and i'll find a website for you that tells you exactly how to make a glass bong out of what you got
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