Marijuana Myths

Another myth... mangos won't get you any more higher lol.

Basically the amount of myrcene they may have is unsignificant enough to have any synergy effects on Cannabis. Not all mangos even have Myrcene at all.

And even if you eat high myrcene mangos, you would literally need to eat hundreds of mangos to get any effect lol.
Well, studies on marijuana revealed that a lot of doctors these days using cannabis to treat cancer. It has a quality that it reduces cancer cells, and at the same time helps in reducing pain caused by chemotherapy, used for cancer treatment.


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Known Myths
Police dispatch code for smoking pot is 420.
The number 420 is not police radio code for anything, anywhere.
Not necessarily. 400 codes, or 10 codes, or whatever abbreviation a police agency decides to use, are completely at the discretion of the agency, there is no standardization. My agency uses 400 codes and a 420 is an officer requesting an ambulance (ie for a car crash, an overdose, party tazed, etc). Since there is no standardization of codes, there has been a push to use "plain talk" instead. The need to eliminate "code talk" on the police radios arose from the terror attacks of 9-11. Coordinating agencies did not know each other's codes since they were all different. Instad of asking for a 420, the officer would just ask for an ambulance (using our 400 code as an example). Although it's been an edict not to use codes for many years, a lot of older officers still use them. You know what they say about old dogs.


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Another one, you won't dream if you are high because Cannabis suppresses the REM phase of sleeping...

I'm dreaming often after a night smoking session actually.
This one is actually true, at least in my case, I don't dream when I smoke, however the days following my stopping my consumption I experience extremely vivid dreams, such as living a full 16 hour day minute by minute. Perhaps you just don't smoke heavily enough for it to influence your REM sleep but I am a very heavy consumer up to an oz or more a week with frequent edible consumption and concentrate consumption.
we should all carry leaflets with this paper on cannabis myths with research references around with us all the time.Leave them at court houses,retirement homes, hospitals, theaters, restaurants, etc. We should especially take them to school meetings, public meetings, city hall galleries and also be ready to read excerpts to people that need their false reality challenged! Many of my friends and myself have used cannabis 40 to 60+years (me 52 years). Pot has been not relative to any health problems, though it sure helps with some common health issues we also share with society at the same rate or less. All of us have held responsible jobs, paid taxes, most raised families and few have ever had a run in with the law. The ones who continued to drink too much are dead or in seriously bad health, the ones who smoked cigarettes are mostly gone (except me and a very few others who quit some years ago), the junkies are gone. Death has over taken most substance abusers I knew, most of them relatively young(under retirement age). So what I am saying is the proof is in the pudding! Smoke pot and medicate and meditate, live , love and be happy! Drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or use street drugs and die young, after you made people miserable. Too much of anything is likely to not do you any good! Goes for cannabis too. But the rate of serious life threatening conditions linked to alcohol /tobacco/fentanyl for example has taken a heavy toll, cannabis just tends to extend useful life by treating ailments and health conditions! The lying b____s(DEA/Police official) have persecuted pot users relentlessly, even just before the"juice head"/cigarette smokers died from their habitual use of tobacco or alcohol, some of the fanatics still blasted "pot heads", so convinced of their moral superiority and supreme intelligence!!! Talk about brain altering, look no further than alcohol! Or day time TV!