Marijuana, Tension and Depression by Debbie Alcorn

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Marijuana , Tension and Depression by Debbie Alcorn​

I found your name on the NORML web site. I have used marijuana for 29 years. I am not a junkie or a burn out like some people would lead you to believe about pot smokers. I am a hard working, productive mother of 2 and grandmother of 1. My husband and myself have always provided for our family, worked hard and paid taxes. I am currently 43 years old and work as a secretary for a lawn service company. In the past I have been a professional musician, retail manager, office manager and customer service representative.

The reason I smoke pot is to relax. After a difficult and stressful day it is sometimes difficult to relax and shift from professional worker to mother, grandmother and wife. Marijuana allows me to do that. I do not like drinking alcohol because it stays in your system longer. Marijuana has many benefits that alcohol or other drugs does not have. It can make you look at nature in it's true perspective and feel like one with the world. It heightens your senses in just about every aspect of life. Yes even with spirituality. I believe in order to really speak with God you must feel, within your heart a oneness with the Holy Spirit. Marijuana can help to make you aware of the supernatural powers within all of us. On the birth of my second child, my husband smoked a joint to help him calm down so he could be there to coach me throughout the birth which was a natural birth with no drugs for pain. I've also used it to help combat depression. I took Prozac for a short time when I was first diagnosed with depression but found the side effects not worth the results. With marijuana, if I begin to feel that feeling of depression coming on, I can smoke and look at my situation more realistically and even laugh at myself. And this is with no side effects. Having smoked for 29 years I could give you many life situations involving pot. I am a walking testimony that every thing you ever heard about pot is not true.

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