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Medical Marijuana verses Violent Crime

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Sometime in July 2000 some of my son's friends came over to play Nintendo 64 and I was watering my legal medical marijuana plants and had left the door open. These are good kids and they know I need it so I thought nothing about it and I asked them to not tell anyone. I find out my medical marijuana was almost common knowledge.

Around 12:30 PM August 10 I went to get a shipping box and buy some fishing gear. At close to 1:00 PM Thursday afternoon, 8-10-2000, three men (one white and two black men) ring the doorbell. My son was on his computer playing a game, up stairs in his room and my wife was taking a shower. Mike (white) asked my son "if Matt was here. He did not know Mike and does not know any Matt so he said, " you must have the wrong house." Ten minutes later (1:10 PM) my wife left for a doctor appointment. Five minutes later (about 1:15 PM) five men (the first three, with two more) ring the doorbell again. My son answered without looking to see whom it was because he thought it was a friend. These men Mike (white), Bobby (white), Tou (Thomas) stout black man, Cody a small black man, Patrick a large tall black man, forced they way into our house and attacked my 16 year-old mentally ill son.

Mike forced him down the downstairs and my son's natural reaction was to fight back. He kicked a hammer out Mike's hands and began to fight back and hit Mike with the hammer. It took all of them with weapons to get my son down on the floor and hold him. Tou had a bat, Mike had a hammer, Cody had a hammer, and Patrick had a knife. After they had my son down on the floor Mike started hitting him in the head with his hammer and then Bobby ran out of the house. The rest of them of demanded to know where his dad kept his medical marijuana, and beat him in the head and body with their hammers, and bats. He told them and even after he told them where his dad's medical marijuana was, they continued to beat him until the floor was covered in blood from his head wounds. Patrick went under the house and grabbed the small plant but accidentally dropped his knife. Mike went upstairs and Cody stayed with my son and hit him in the legs with the claw end of his hammer so he could not fight back and he could not get up to see their car. They warned him not to tell anyone and left quickly.

Two neighbors were outside and saw an unfamiliar car park between our house and the next-door neighbors house. They saw the two white men and three black men enter my house and leave my house, some covered in my son's blood.

When we took my son to the ER, where they put staples in his head, and did a CAT scan. A report was given to the Police Department on the incident, and I showed them my doctor's note giving me permission to have and use medical marijuana per Washington State law. The police drove me back to my house to investigate the scene and take pictures. I was trying to show them everything because I have nothing to hide.

They read me my rights and acted like I was trying to hide things from them. This was the beginning of some incorrect assumptions by some in the local police department.

They asked me if there was may more marijuana in the house and I showed them three plants that were hanging. I had placed them in a large plastic bag for the police and I gave them all the medical marijuana I could find.

They said I had broken the law by growing. I told them the law does say I could grow. I was told by most of the officers the law said I could only buy it off the street not grow it. The officers call the prosecuting attorney to check the law. After some time I was told they would work it out Friday. They told me not to touch anything because they would be back and they would know if I did. The police department left the living plants alone.

The police told me Thursday night 8-10 that what the assailants did was very serious like 20 years to life and the medical marijuana case would not get in the way of finding them. I was told a detective would be here first thing to continue the serious violent crime investigation.

The only people that knew were my family and the friends so Thursday night and early Friday I call people I know and tell them what happen and all about my medical marijuana so they know what to look for. I know it would be easy to find because it is not street grade. I hope the "420 thugs" brag and they do. A small article is printed in the local paper and the "420 thugs" brag and tell everybody they did this. Also they had my medical marijuana and were selling it. A lot of people heard them brag about their latest "420" and some saw my medical marijuana.

What the "420 thugs" did after I left is ring the doorbell to make sure they had the right house. The three went back to their car and said their go word "420." Then my wife left and they went into action.

Because of their bragging I got names within 24 hours and call the police and give them the names and phone number of my informants, and they know where they are and they have my medical marijuana. I'm told the detective will call me. I got names so fast a higher power must be helping me! I was told information only my family or the "420 thugs" would know.

I though the police would be at my house first thing Friday to continue the investigation, question neighbors, look for clues, etc. Also, I thought when I called them with very timely, key information I would get a response.

I get a call back from the same people that gave me the earlier information and I get the address of where the serious violent criminals are now. I get information like; they have done this so many times before they call it "a 420," they have guns and some are gang members. They where talking about my son, how "he could ID them." I found out about one earlier "420" victim. This person was beaten with large "Mag-Lites" and thrown out a two-story window for less than a ¼ lb. of marijuana. The "420 thugs" have been doing their "420s" for a long time. They find out where marijuana is and bust in, beat up and rob the person with the marijuana because most marijuana users don't carry guns. The person they rob and beat up can't go to the police. The past "420" victims could not even get needed medical attention. Look what happen to my family and I was following state law.

I call the police again and ask for protection. The police call me back and tell me to go to hotel or get a security guard.

The next evening, Friday, 8-11, police investigators returned with a search warrant for "illegal manufacturing of marijuana" and searched the entire house, seized my doctor's medical marijuana note, and all living plants. About $2000 in equipment and supplies was seized not counting the medical marijuana that was seized or killed.

The first of the police show up around 7:30 PM with a search warrant for controlled substance(s). I am told they know I have information for them about the assailants, but the police said, "the marijuana case has more importance!"

I am very upset because I had followed Washington State law as best as I could. I ask about the "420 thugs" and am told that is not very important. I ask about the 20 years to life and am told what the thugs did was not serious. This attack could have caused brain damage or death to our son. Then I ask why the police have not talked to my neighbors because the crime happened at 1:00 PM, the middle of the day, so someone had to see something. I tell them I would have already done it myself if I were healthy. I get no answer.

The police said "the doctor's medical marijuana note stumped them for a few minutes" and that "a bunch of attorneys worked all day on this and told them how to get around the note." The police tell us the doctor's note was "expired" and the doctor used the wrong form to write it on. The form may have been the only one available at the time it was issued to me from my doctor.

I asked if I could explain my legal medical marijuana growing and I was told no! I am told "if I had a gun in the house they would have arrested me immediately.

It is becoming totally apparent what the police were doing. They were doing everything they could to get my son or me for selling and me for growing. They had no interest in protecting us from retaliation from the "420 thugs."

The police tell us after spending all day reviewing the laws, that I broke the law by growing medical marijuana. We are told the medical marijuana law does not give an exemption for growing. We are told it is such a simple case it should had been taken care of Thursday night. We are told that this search could get real nasty, like the "Cops Show." The police search and rip our house apart and they seized some of my hydro-organic growing supplies, all the live plants, and delivery systems. They destroy the downstairs grow area. They did not leave anything for my pain management. They accused my son and myself of being drug dealers. All of us were interrogated in depth, often with insinuations and insults, sexual references.

At 1:30 AM Saturday the police finally ask for my information. I give them the names and phone numbers of my informants. My wife asked them if they would call us if they catch the thugs. We are told the police will not work on the assault case until Monday or Tuesday.

I was afraid for my family's lives so first thing Saturday I call and e-mail anyone I can think of for help. I called the local paper. A reporter from the local paper asked the police about the case and they told him they have no leads. The reporter then calls and tells me he would like to do an article. The reporter does much better job of investigating the vicious assault than the police did. I only went to the paper and Internet for help only after I had no choice.

Saturday Aug 12 we got a call from another person with good information. Same information I hear before and more. What luck again! I call the police. These people that are giving me information are putting their lives at risk to help put an end to the "420 thugs" and the police would not even take the time to talk to them to get their information.

The article is published in the local paper and the police call and ask for the information I gave them many times before. I told they just want to make sure that they have the right information. I'm told the police working on the assault case now have nothing to do with the article. It took five days for the police to begin investigating the serious violent crime.

We get a call Wednesday night Aug 16. One of the assailants dropped a knife in our house and he was extremely upset. We start looking for the knife but it was dark and late so we decide to look tomorrow during the day. Early Thursday 8-17-00 we start looking outside and I see my neighbor. I want to ask her if she saw a knife. She told me she saw everything (the break in)! She was very afraid! She wanted to know why the police had not talked to her!

We find the knife Thursday morning in the house. It was about a foot long. I call the police and I find out the police had seen the knife and did or said nothing! They had to see it 8-10 and again 8-11. We are told they assumed it was my knife. It was nearly a foot long, with no dust on it at all, and they never wondered why it was laying on the floor.

The police finally talk to my neighbors on 8-17 only seven days after the invasion and assault and find out that two neighbors are eyewitnesses.

By this time the assailants have had time to get rid of all the evidence, like the marijuana, weapons etc. And some have left the area.

Please help me find these thugs by sending me any information or questions to my email address. One has moved to Spokane Washington or Northern Idaho and two have moved to Chicago or somewhere in the south.

Send information or questions to: code_man@email.msn.com.

Please vote and fax your congressmen to help fight for our freedom. Go to NORML.org - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws - NORML.org - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws to fax congressmen and http://www.algore2000.com to register to vote.

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