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Medwann Inc. To Announce New Clothing Line

Jim Finnel

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Boulder, CO - Medwana, Inc, a leading manufacturer of psychoactive sparkling sodas and energy drinks, proudly unveils Keef Clothing, the company's first foray into apparel and other accessories. The fresh, bold pieces infuse the Keef Cola culture with a sense of fresh timeliness.

Keef Clothing is under the art direction of Brant Nicholason an illustrator designer who has worked with Warner Bros. Studios, Licensing Company of America, and is the recipient of hundreds of advertising and art awards. Brant's guidance ensures that every piece of apparel that is produced under the Keef Clothing brand is a piece of art that convey to the world the qualities that are known associates of the Keef Cola brand; groundbreaking, intelligent, and possessed of exceptional taste and relief.

The official launch of its clothing line will take place at the C. H. A. M. P. S. trade show in Las Vegas, August 17th-19th, 2010. C. H. A. M. P. S. is the world's only tobacco accessories, specialty retail, and clothing show. Medwana believes it to be the ideal venue for the launch as retailers from all over the world attend the show to see the latest and greatest from industry manufacturers.

"We are looking forward to appearing regularly at C. H. A. M. P. S. This presents a great venue to expand our growing customer base as well as educate the public about the state of the industry, says Eric Knutson, President.

Medwana launched its drink line, Keef Cola, earlier this year. In a mere three months it developed a loyal fan base of over 20,000 patients and generated buzz across the country. The quality and originality of the Keef Cola brand lead customers to demand additional branded products - thus Keef Clothing was born.

Keef Clothing consists of shirts, hats, and other accessory items that match the quality and culture associated with Keef Cola. With cutting-edge style and quality craftsmanship the line is already resonating with buyers and receiving pre-booked orders!

"Our new clothing line continues to offer fresh and interesting products that our customers have come to expect," said Robert Morrissey, CEO. "Our creative team put a lot of time into developing the line and we believe that it will resonate not only with our audience but will continue to build a whole new fan base we have yet to tap. This summer represents one of our strongest seasons of exclusive launches ever and I couldnA¢a,¬a,¢t be more excited!"

The Keef Clothing launch at the C. H. A. M. P. S show in Las Vegas will be but a mere taste of what is to come from the Medwana team. As the seasons and locales change Keef Clothing will be present, and will continue to deliver only products that sustain the quality associated with the Keef Cola brand.

Customers can look for the more than 20 new inspirational fashion designs ranging from the classic long board, to the Dragon of Keef Cola Extreme. Keef Cola Apparel is sold at retail and department stores across the country or from their website www. keefclothing. com

Medwana, Inc's intellectual property licensing program does not provide any products that contain medicinal marijuana.

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