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Missouri Marijuana Laws

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I heard in the news that springfield mo is playing with legalizing it for medical.Well,2 elected officials are making a ruckus.Hopefully it catches on the rest of the state will follow.:goodluck:


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Missouri doesn't really enforce these laws so strictly unless you are outside of KC, StL, or Columbia. Kinda the same as Illinois... get out of Chicago and you are on a path straight to hell lol while they let child molesters, gangstas, and murderers out to make more room for the evil growers of ganj.

The big problem in rural midwest nowadays is meth. Often times they find gardens of ganj by accident looking for meth. Meth ruins everything...towns, the people in the towns, and eventually the ecomomy of the town. Sadly, once your neighborhood or even town has been raided for a meth lab things are never the same. There always will be a police presence after that .. and usually its DEA informants or undercover state cops... and thats what I mean about finding gardens of ganj by accident.

I didn't see the helicopters this harvest season that have become so familiar from the past. I personally feel the state/fedz don't have the resources anymore to go waste 1000's of dollars/hour to go fly blackhawks and hueys searching for gardens with 4 or more plants. What a waste lol. And yes, that really happens. It's unreal. the guys in the helicopters are definitely not polite haha. I know from experience.

So now in Illinois ... they have 8..yes 8 game wardens in the entire state (thats not 8 in a town or county ..thats 8 total for illinois) that are supposed to be protecting wildlife and natural resources out looking for gardens of ganj ..instead of dealing with poachers... which is really unconstitutional. As many of you know ..game wardens are not bound by the rules that even Feds must obey. They do not need a search warrant..EVER. They knock down gates, bust in your home, point guns in your face, take all your guns, knives, truck, car, home, ect and its upto you to prove your innocence later in court. Game wardens in southwestern Missouri have disappeared over the years for this very practice. I never condone violence unless its self-defense ..but many of these rural farmers have been subsidizing their income with MM growing for decades. I guess if i was hungry and had a family to feed...i would get pissy too if someone basically took food from our mouths. What can they do? Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and livestock were barely getting farmers out of poverty. MM was a means to an ends..not for criminal gangstas or killers, but normal, everyday church going folks that pay their taxes and work their farms 24/7 365days/year.

In actuality, johnny law will leave you alone unless you give them a reason to come mess with you. If you have a prior growing conviction ..forget about it because they will follow you around like a new puppy waiting for you to eff up again. No record/low profile/no problems. Unless of course ... you can't keep a secret and you live in some small backwoods town. Then the local police will find your 2 male plants and say it was worth a billion dollars while posing proudly next to them for the local mom and pop paper while also spouting on about how much time it took investigating this horrible crime (they probably spent 10s of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money) all while trashing your name and running your family and friends through the mud over and over again. 10 years later people will still remember the "Smith" family got busted with OMG marijuana plants.

Slowly ..the tides are turning or have turned with views of ganj. Yes ..we are still God-Fearing bible thumpers, but many of us have the insight to look the other way or even speak out for medical marijuana.

In other words ...we spread the love around ..and in return we are protected by our neighbors. We also go put a couple dozen male plants out on state parks and call them in. Law is happy..we are happy. the end.

Oh yeah ..if i was caught delivering 30kg of some OG ..id expect to go to jail. Even with the very lax laws of the medical states ..there is no reason for 1 person to have that much ganj. Thats kinda like giving uncle sam the finger while smoking an 8ball or something ya know.

I guess the point of my rambling ... if something happens out of the ordinary ..some gas guy or different mailman/fedex guy/ups delivery guy...even a different schwanns guy comes to your home... its time to change your ways and wait for mm to become legal.
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