Mounting Quest 110 dual dehumidifier in tent


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Beginning to have high humidity issues during the night, sometimes getting as high as 70%. I'm in a 10x10x6.5ft tent with 9 315 cmh's, 24000 btu mini split, and a 70 pint dehumidifier built on a shelf with a condensate pump. The dehumidifier can't seem to keep up so, I'm leaning towards a quest 110 overhead unit. My only problem is I have limited ceiling space and can't really hang this dehumidifier in the center of the room. Especially this round considering the whole tent is in a double trellis and very hard to access. So basically I need to put the quest on the same shelf that the 70 pint used to be on. The only issue is that the quest blows out of both sides and it would be very close to the tent wall. Quest recommends at least a foot from the wall. Just seeing if anyone has ever gotten away with running one almost touching the wall on one side? Or is there a way to block one of the blowers so it only blows out one side?
Re: Mounting quest 110 dual dehumidifier in tent.

update: didn't realize that i could duct the quest in/out. So, I ordered one and im going to hang it outside of the tent.
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