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multiple questions, need advice on outdoor


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I have acouple questions about my outdoor grow. I'm new to the outdoor thing, but have been growing indoors for long enough to know what im doing.
I have been using a bug spray on my grow from the day she went into flower, im using 7 dust spray. All the sudden I have a massive infestation of these green caterpillar things. The 7dust apparently has zero effect. My budget is pretty minimal at the moment so the $50 a bottle stuff is out of the question. Does anyone have any advice on something I can try to eliminate these damn green deamons??

my next question is in regards to flower time.. I know indoor is much different. 50-70. Days usually. My outdoor plants were started very early in the year (late feb) due to the local southern California climate.the plant stated flowering late march early April, and went back to veg after about 3 weeks of flowering, now its in full bloom with an insane amount of flowers. More than any plant I have ever seen. I have been noticing that some of the flowers seem to get to a.certain point then almost start to die of and stop growing,Yet they aren't ripe. Does anyone have a clue what this could be and what its happening? Also does the flowering time outdoor mean anything because of how early in the summer this plant was beginning to flower?

Lastly, drying and curing. . Im having an issue with drying and curing the finished product from a.different outdoor plant. It seems to be drying way too fast and losing all of that sweet skunky smell we all love, and smelling like hay. Squeezing the buds lets a little hint of nice smell out but even after its jarred in airtight mason jars and opened for 30-45 mins a day the smell still wont return. The smoke is also harsh and not very tasty. Yet the effect from the smoke is incredibly amazing forget your girlfriends name kinda effect. .
thanks for anything you guys may enable to provide information wise to help me have a successful first time outdoor season.


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For pests I advise you to get a SNS series. Outdoor plants usually finish earlier if they start earlier. Sativas often do this thing with flowers you described, especially Thai is known to shoot branches of flowers one after another until it settles at some point with the right photoperiod.

As far as aroma of your smoke is concerned, outdoor it requires much more knowledge to get this perfect scent and aroma. Also many variables affect it like sun exposure, rain, type of soil, its acidity and such. And for these reasons it will be always different from your typical indoor smoke. I'll take good outdoor bud over any indoor stuff any time of the day and night though, especially if it's forced in the middle summer. If you'd like to work on your outdoor flavours I advise to get your soil mineralized and inoculated with mycos and bacterias. You'll see that it changes quickly, and I'm speaking from the experience.

This is my outdoor Green Crack. No hay taste. Extremely potent and long-lasting.
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