My 5x5x8 grow room with a 1000w

I have a 6' vortex pulling the hot air out I'm gonna buy a 10' vortex tomorrow since the stores are closed today's for la st. Jean lol Quebec holiday, and right now I have the a/c hooked up it's regulated a Lil buy still need some more ideas!
You need to run a reflector that is enclosed with glass and run ducting outside the room either out the window by constructing a wooden box to cover the window or through the cieling or the floor. Other than those alternatives you could buy an air conditioner and say hello to a much more expensive electricity bill. If it is too hot for you to be in the grow room without sweating than it is too hot for your plants.
I run 2000 watts and my ballasts in my grow room and what I do is use a carbon filter connected to two exhaust fans hooked up in linear fashion with the ducting going up and blowing the hot exhaust air between the floors of my house. In the winter it keeps it very cool. Both fans are on a time so when the lights go out the fans go out as well. I also run two box style circulation fans to draw fresh air into the room and to keep the air from getting stale.
Ok man thanks I regulated the problem but now I think I'm gonna hook up another 1000w and grow a lot more :) love this plant it's amazing in every way
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