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My new set up and plants thet recover....


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2 plants female
1- the charch
1-super silver haze
250w hps
1 fan
1 big fan inside/outside
1 galon 10l
2 plastic bag for the plants
1 pamp water
1 combining



:adore: :adore:


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i bet you could get that light up closer if you wanted to. just a thought. i like your set up though. i've been thinking about getting a 250 watt just for a plant or two. good luck.


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Looks good,i suggest you make sure roots have plenty of room,and keep a close eye on your nutrient.i grow in water and its like a part time job,but i just smoked some closet weed,and im happy.Those short stocky plants did good in my closet.


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ya man i need to put a little hadroton for cover the roots for mor lite thet they need.
except for this i am happy with the ather grow and i am start to be happy with this strins and the set up.i whant to put also air pamp for the water bubble ya ya ya
i put new pic in 1-2 week .
tike cer abuot what you do and keep going and going and going and...........
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