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need advice


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hi every one i am new to this site and i need help about sum stuff

first my seedlings were leaning to the sides always and die so i started with new seeds and wish to get help from u guys.

another thing is i live in africa and its hard to get mj and nutes so i got a chemical fert that looks like salt crystals andy 1 knows wut this is?


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You can prop your seedings up w/straws or tooth pics or something. If they're leaning though it means they're too far from the lights. Start w/fluorecents and keep the lights just a couple inches from the seedlings. Can't help you w/the fertilizer.


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Hey pyro...welcome to the grow room!

Your seedlings are "damping off" which means they get an mold infection because the soil is too moist for them.

They're also not strong enough, so you need to get a fan blowing on them to help strengthen the stems and help keep the mold from killing them when they're little. Use a piece of wire or something to prop them up until they get stronger.

What is the N-P-K rating of the "fert" that you have?


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actually guys i am using a 400 w mh and akorn idnt know the 0-0-0 of the fert and i have a fan on them opened 24/7 as the lights

but the new ones didnt sprout yet hoping to be good


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Well you shouldn't need any nutrient for the first 2 weeks of life. Your babies are fragile and nutrients will burn the roots and kill the babies. Let them get to about 2 to 3 weeks old and some regular leaves on them before you nute them and then mix your nutrient at 1/4 strength and slowly work up to full strength over time.
Some where on your nutrient container are 3 numbers. They look like this most of the time..15-15-15 or maybe 10-30-10 or just about any other number possibility.lol Anyway...those numbers represent the NPK of your nutrient. N= nitrogen P= Phophorus K=potasium. There should be other traqce nutrients mixed to the nutrient as well but those 3 numbers are what we look for.
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Another bit of friendly advice would be ......If you don't know what kind of fertilizer it is .....don't use it ! You'd be better off with some aged manure of whatever herbivore is in abundance in your area, than to use something that you're unsure of . Just another thought ......if it looks like salt crystals .......it just may be salt crystals. .............Best wishes in your future attempts.
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