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Need help with serious issue


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I don't know what is going on with my plants, and I don't know what to do to take care of it. I transferred my plants from my closet to my tent Wednesday night and switched out my t5's and put in my MH bulb. I put my light 18" above plants and woke up to my plants hanging down. I am using R.O water. Called local grow shop and the owner said they would come back up in a couple hours and almost 24 hrs later they look worse, he also told me to raise my light up 18" more and they will be fine. But still look bad. What should I do? I am in dying need of some help

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aw crap no good but sounds very similar to wat ive had except my problem was water was not draining properly and plants had wet feet took me close to 2 wks they started browning and yellowing wat happened to me was because of the plants wet feet for so long (top of soil dry but bottom soaked) and starves the roots of oxygen plants then developed a manganese deficiency but if its not drainage im a bit stumped sorry man :hmmmm::48:


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It's common for indoor gardeners to move their plants from a fluorescent T5 fixture to a metal halide. Suddenly your plants are receiving far more light and enjoying lots more space than they had in the propagator or seedling tray. It doesn't matter how delicately you handled the transplantation: young plants simply cannot keep up with the huge demand a high intensity grow light puts on them, especially in a demanding environment. The droop you will inevitably see is simply a symptom of the roots being unable to supply the plant with enough water in order to keep up with its demands. As with everything you do in the indoor garden, it is important to make changes slowly and gently, easing plants into more demanding environments as softly/gently as possible. Clones in particular should be broken into the more intense lighting conditions as gently and gradually as possible.

To minimize shock, always raise HID grow lights at least 4-5 feet above the plant for 1000 Watt bulbs and 3-4 feet for 600 watt bulbs. I know, I know - the lights look way too high, but I assure you this is enough light for the young plants to photosynthesize and, crucially, it doesn't put too much strain on the root system. Dimmable ballasts work great here as you can save energy by simply dialing back on the intensity. After a few days and once you see the emergence of new growth you are safe to start increasing the ballasts back to full strength and / or lowering the lights.


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are they dry? have you tried misting them? could be lack of nutes or too much nutes. I am newbie and growing mine in deep water culture set up under t5's then will move to 600 watt hps. I had read about problems switching from different light types. Hope someone else can chime in on the leaf issue. I would like to know as well.
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