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need help


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I need help just started about one month need help? or some pointers. I'm using miracle gro potting soil with peat moss in it and it looked healthy then this week I sprayed them with miracle gro liquid feed all purpose plant food and then the growth seemed to stop and the leaves look like they are wilting??? Please help me grow healthy plants.


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Which MG bag did you buy?
if you bought the Miracle Grow Organic potting soil... hten you bought "crappy soil"
I've been using MG for the past year now and havent had many issues other then pests.

Pictures would be helpfull to give us a visual view of your situation.

But anyhow.... if your going to use MG Organic... buy this bag and mix with perlite 50/50
the bag reads it's not for buckets/pots but it has given me great looking plants in 7 gallon buckets!

And please post pictures so we can help.

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