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Wondering if anyone on these forums have had experience with building a custom herb (basil, sage, etc) garden or know of someone that has. i would love to have any type of information in constructing one of these. I do have a 4'x4'x8' tent as well as a 10'x12'x10' room that i can place this herb garden is as well. i plan to grow several herbs and even once i hit what i plan to grow i feel i will want to continue growing even more herbs so these "indoor grow gardens" you can buy are just not logical for me to purchase given their small dome shapes. now i am a medical marijuana patent and i do grow so i was wanting to place them with my ladys. obviously these herbs will be grown from start and the soil will be hand made by myself as i do for my ladys for no fear of disease or pests. i do not believe this will cause issues to my garden such as bringing in unwanted pests?

main questions are:
*do herbs attract pests? i have read that some may actually prevent pests?
*what is the best light for herbs, they dont flower so i assume its just a standard blue light spectrum?
*humidity levels im looking for at growing herbs?
*temperature level
*possibly pictures of a herb box you have built and shows your success?

i realize this is a medical marijuana forum specifically but i feel there are some of the best growers that have the most care for their gardens and could give me the best advise when it comes to gardening. or i can go ask cisco the gardener....

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