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Hello, im GFC and this is my 'lion n' witch garden'
(lay'n and watch garden)
New Pic 5/27/14

She is freshly started but i started about a week ago before i decided to join a forum. I have kept a pretty accurate record as far as temp/humidity over the course and still have more gear coming for this new setup. i was currently growing in a single room and decided i wanted to have a veg/flower cycle. so as the gear continues to trickle in from online ive got enough for a decent pre-veg system right now. 6" carbon filter inline fan should be here any day, possibly today! you may notice some of these plants dont look like medical marijuana at all, thats because they arent. my fiance and i both thought it would be great to use the extra space for growing fresh herbs and veggies, so she takes care of the veggies and the ladys are mine to handle, always nice to have a spare set of hands in the garden.

Specs and gear :

(tent) 48 x 48 x 96 lighthouse grow tent - (must say its real nice for the money spent, 150$. almost full 360 access, window for not disrupting your ladys air, all zippers are fully covered with extra cloth layered with Mylar, removable over spill tray covers entire floor, holds up to 100 gallons!) not as thick as i would like but for 150$ and the size its great. did not come with directions so it was interesting setting up

(Hood) Sunleaves Sunspot 8" Plug N Play - (was given this hood awhile ago from a friend that upgraded his gear, figured it will work ok for now in my veg cycle. turns out that having such a big belly like this hood does allows for the bulb to be further away from the glass, my plants when i first used it were able to press up against the glass with no sign of burn. that was without a inline fan hooked up to it either, so i have high hopes for this hood when i get my inline fan for her) may get a second light for this tent as well. thoughts? 4' x 4' area the shape and size of this hood i would be able to fit a second one in perfect.

(light bulbs) veg room - hortilux 400w MH
Flower rm - hortilux 600w super HPS (been happy with both of them 600w super hps is amazing actually, the plants in flower room now are a lil stretchy due to lack of paying attention to bulb lumens. once i realized the bulb was shot i ordered knew ones, will be ordering another set just so i dont have that issue again. got that super hps bulb in there and the top of my plants have all got very bushy. excited for the up and comers to join the flower room)

(Ballast) Sunleaves 400w MH/hps ; 120V or 240V (was given to me at same time as the hood from the same friend. ballast is solid, never had any issues with it. it does run louder then my 600w quantum ballast in grow room however. so i am looking to upgrade this as well to a quieter ballast, possibly 400w quantum. have good results with the 600, why not.)

(filter/air) 6" carbon filter inline fan (waiting on arrival, believe i got the same brand as in my grow room and i love it. works great and isnt real loud without a fan gauge. still looking to get two however.)

(hanger) SunGrip light hangers (replaced my chains. will never go back. holy moly)

(pots) currently ranging from 3Gallons to 10Gallons (like these new cloth pots i got so i ordered 6 - 10gallon square cloth pots so i can get the most room possible in my veg room then separate them in the flower room.)

(soil) is a mix of fox farms oceans mix, added perlite, added peat moss, and some organic tomato feed to correct the ph of my soil. (i do this to make my soil go further, i dont mind watering them daily in smaller pots i actually prefer to so i aim for alot of drainage but want nutrients being absorbed by something such as the peat moss seems to work great, constantly changing my soil however so will try and keep each grow journal updated in the future with my exact mixes)

(temp) the temp of my room is always bouncing from 74 degrees to 80 degrees depending on how hot outside gets. ive got several barriers over the inside of the window and no light escapes, but when it gets 90-100 outside the room heats up a few degrees always. ive never went into my room and seen temps over 81 degrees though, bout 80.4 is the highest ive seen it) *contemplating if i should get a ac unit for the inside of my house and try and keep the entire house around 80 degrees see if that factors into it*

(humidity) i can never keep this at a solid number. it ranges from 32% to 45% (obviously when i water there will be more humidity in the air, is there any way to keep it at a solid number or just use a dehumidifier and if i do how much does a dehumidifier de humidify? i want the fan leaves to still have some moisture in the air.)

(nutes) Humboldt county 3 part (micro, grow, bloom) i also have (ginormous) what do you guys recommend on top of the micro, grow, bloom to use in veg stage? i found a feeding chart online and there are a ton of extras you can add. i will experiment with these but curious as to what you guys add to your standard nutes

(pests) no pests as to date. a few crops ago i had spider mites on one of my ladys, chopped 4 of em down, burned em in a fire, through pots away, tools got heavily cleaned, entire room was cleaned like a hospital room, re set my gear and room up more professional, havent had a issue since. oo the nightmares, wake up and run to the room, o the ladys are fine.. go back to sleep..

(time spent) i spend every minute im not at the collective with my plants. its the place i can go and constantly smile and learn

Here are some of the ladys im wanting to start my journal about.
As you noticed in the above picture there are several things growing in this tent.
(broccoli, tomatoes few kinds, peppers, strawberry's, mj, and soon much much more.)

Im wanting to follow my Mystery seed i found (unknown strain, shows indica hybrid traits) that i decided to test as my first "mainlining" i like to refer to it as hubbing. Also Hubbed one of my three Grape Apes that were clones given to me by same friend that gave me the ballast and hood mentioned above. they both showed great nodes right around the 3rd node break off and they were around 4-7 nodes tall when i decided to start them. so the tops became clones, bottoms i threw away cause they were to small for clones. pictures will be below.


Before Hubbing


After Hubbing


Before Hubbing


After Hubbing

CBD Strains inside Lion n' Witch Garden


Sour Tsunami, im really excited about this plant. its my highest cbd lowest thc strain that i am growing. its a sativa hybrid i believe so im expecting a tall lanky plant. may decide to 'fim' it around 3'-4' tall. i do have 10' ceilings in my grow room but i dont want a 6' indoor plant , o man..


Harlequin, this is one of two of my harlequin plants. they are rather bushy plants so im going to let this plant just grow naturally with no growth pattern techniques. i will take clones to continue their life cycle and when time to harvest them after curing time they will be processed into RSO (stem, fan leaves, and flowers)

apparently i didnt take a pic of my second harlequin so i will get that second pic for you tonight.

any of you that have grown cbd strains before.. is there anything i should be doing differently then normal such as feed schedule or grow technique?

Plants to come :

in veg now
Nyc Diesel (first week)
Grape Ape (first Week)
Platinum Girl Scout Cookie (in flower stage, first week, and clone)
Girl Scout Cookie (mother plant, and clones)
Sour Tsunami (first week)
Harlequin (first week)
the mystery seed (started from seed two weeks ago.)

have a total of 20 plants (5 of which are still in clone phase getting roots)
1 is a mother
2 of which has been hubbed (mainlined)
2 has been 'fim'
4 left to grow naturally

Sour tsunami has yet to be fim, but will do so around 3-4'
both harlequins have been left to grow naturally
Howdy and nice selection of strains, good luck with them all but I have a warm spot for sativa`s. They are all wonderful regardless of crosses, hybrids or all indie`s. Just carries over from my first experiences in growing were lemon and silver haze crosses. Plus they don't make you "tap out" like a lot of the feminized stuff now. You can still create and be motivated. Welcome aboard and hope all goes well and stays green!!!!!!!!!!...Peace.....

:420: :thumb: :peace:
looks great im jealous of the cbd strains. I want them and some ry4/Charlottes web . I have some cannatonic and a cbd shark shock which are both 1:1 thc/cbd I grow for my 12yr old son that has epilepsy
I added a duplicate image on accident in my first journal posting (grape ape hubbed). here is what the very last picture is suppose to be.


(hubbed grape ape)

These are just updated pics of a few of the girls, Mainlined (hubbed) and Fim are the main ones im following right now, bout once a week i will update the CBD ladys.





(forgot to add the second harlequin in first post too. here she is)

seems that the Grape Ape doesnt like the nutes the same as my other ladys. they all take the same nutes fine other then the grape ape. will adjust slightly and post updates
they all are doing great, the CBD strains have been a little tricky. They do grow just like all other plants :p however they do not take abuse like indicas do at all. Soil doesnt have enough aeration then they will get rootbound very fast, even if you have just 'decent' aeration rootbound is something to watch for with CBD (add lots of perlite). Over watering is extremely easy to do if your soil is not prepped with enough perlite (more perlite added then indicas). Ph as well CBD seems to be very picky about. 6.0 was to much for my sour tsunami, Harlequin seems to be taking 6.0 alright but will trickle the Ph down to 5.5 and see how the CBD react. i do have pictures but forgot my camera cord at the house so i will get new pics uploaded later today. Sorry about this.
pictures from 6/2-6/3 will upload new pictures tonight of the garden work done last night. in these pictures you will see the continuous pics of my grape ape and unknown plant that have been mainlined as well as one harlequin and my sour tsunami. i got 4 clones out of each plant and will see how they handle being mainlined. i transplanted the sour tsunami last night into a better pot with much more perlite added to her soil. she seems to have taken the transplant nicely, just a couple days now for nice growth!


Above View

All them looking healthy

Grape Ape Hubbed

Grape Ape Hubbed

Unknown plant, Hubbed

Grape Apes Growing strong together

Harlequin Hubbed

Sour Tsunami Hubbed

new picture program im messing around with, i plan on having a side by side picture of my main line for this unknown strain and my cbd strains as well.

Edited : took a clone from it this morning, will wait a week and throw it into 12/12 and see how it Sexes,,




these are the 4 hubbed (mainlined) ladys. had an issue with the unknown plant, split on top of the main node, however its still growing strong. amazing plants.

Unknown plant from seed Hubbed
Grape Ape From Clone Hubbed
Sour Tsunami From Clone Hubbed
Harlequin From Clone Hubbed

I have noticed out of the four i have hubbed that it seems from seed your more likely to get nodes to be equal with each other instead of a 1/4" to 1/2" separation

All the ladys in their glory.

Unknown hubbed (cracked stem few days ago)

Platinum Girl Scout Cookie Clone

Sour Tsunami hubbed

Harlequin Clone

Girl Scout Cookie Clone

Girl Scout Cookie Clone

Grape Ape About to be pruned tonight.

Will not be posting anything for a couple weeks unless something drastic happens and i feel it needs to be added to journal. Happy growing to you all, see you soon :)

Subbed! What a wonderful mix! I look forward to seeing your results with the CBD strain :) I am keen on getting my hands on a strong cbd strain with low thc but I desire it to be flavorful as well , look forward to updates ;)
CBD's are going good now, had a issue in the beginning with them wanting a lower ph then my indicas were taking (6.0-6.5) so the harlequin and sour tsunami get their own special blend @ (5.0-5.5) and they have recovered nicely. i have also hubbed (mainlined) one harlequin and one sour tsunami while taking clones from both of them (clones are doing well). the harlequin i have left alone has now taken off on growth and is getting very bushy. in a couple weeks i will post side by side pictures of their development along the course of the last month ive had them. Thanks for joining the show :) happy grow


Unknown strain Hubbed (crack stem recovery)

Unknown and all her Glory

Harlequin Hubbed (awaiting transplant and maintenance)

Grape Ape (they grow up so fast)

Harlequin (Growing Strong)

Sour Tsunami (hubbed)

Sour Stunami (hubbed)

All the ladys Glowing
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