Odin's 2nd Go - Pineapple Express In Soil

Watered the plants last night.








Those look soooo dense. I'm lovin all the colors. Theres so much bud for the little area they took up. Very well done. Have a great day chopping and trimming.
You won't efn believe this shit. So i come home today, unlock my bedroom door and start heading to check my babies out and i start hearing this meow, meow. Now I do not have any indoor cats, i do have barn cats though. I open the door to my closet and there is a efn cat in my grow room digging into all my freshly planted babies.

So i am needless to say fuming mad, but got to play it cool. I check all doors and windows nothing looks bothered, i call my son just ask questions about his day. Nothing sounds out of the ordinary. I finally get ahold of the old lady and ask who she let in the bedroom, she swears no one was over and she didn't go in my room. I go back in and start checking all my stuff and find a tear in my vent right at the inline fan. This cat got under the house went threw a 6inch two feet metal pipe, climbed threw about 15 feet of ducting 9 feet strait vertical and then got to the fan and tore her way out. Hopefully my plants will make it. :surrender::rolleyes3:bitingnails:

Whoa Rambo cat cool story bro!
Nice finish odin and congrats. :goodjob:

I'm way late and my questions normally should be asked early in thread lol but I didn't see the answers with a quick run thru of the thread. I've never grown Pineapple express yet but smoke some and really liked the results. I'm going to grow some in the future and enjoy reading others experience with the plant.

1. Do you prefer soil and if so why ?
2. Do you feel the grow time would have been less if you used soil-less media ?
3. What size were your pots?
4. How tall did the plants get ?
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