Nvhunter's Ak-48 Soil Grow - 2013 2nd Grow- SCROG


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Hello everyone and welcome to my journal. Before I begin I want to thank all of you that have helped me to this point and also to those who will offer support in this grow. This is my first try at scrog.

Ok this might really surprise you but I dont smoke. Ive never liked the feeling but I love a challenge and this is a challenge ive always wanted to take on. I am donating all my yield to people that really need it for medical reasons.

This is my second grow. The first was also AK-48 from DutchSeeds. Those girls are finishing up now and I can see the mistakes I made. Ok here are a few details about this grow.

Bucket Size - 5 gallon
Medium - Fox Farms Ocean Forest & Miracle Grow seed starter.
Lights - (2) 600w HID
Nutrients - Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice- Grow,Bloom and Micro.
Strain- AK-48 ( Dutch Seeds)
# of Plants: 19
Yield : ??


The room is an area in my unfinished basement. The flowering room is 5ft x 8ft and all the walls and floor are covered in Panda Film. I used the Zip Wall zippers from Home Depot to seal the doors from light and smell. Inside this room is a large Carbon Filter attached to the cieling. A 6 inch inline fan pushes air through the room and to the outside useing a window well. There are two 600w Digital Ballasts from Thunder Ballast that supply the power to the bulbs inside the vented hood reflectors.

The Veg room is 3ft x 8ft. Walls are covered in a silver reflective material and there is a fan mounted on the wall. The light comes from a 600w cool tube with a magnetic ballast.


I Started 9 ladies from clones of my first grow. In the pictures it will be the Scrog on the right or far side. I cloned them useing my home made bubble cloner. I will add pictures of it later. After 10 days in the cloner the girls had 10 plus roots each and were 3 to 5 inchs long. At this point I put them in solo cups filled with Miracle Grow Seed Starter medium. They were placed under CFL for two weeks and have taken off since then. After two weeks in the Solo Cup's they filled the soil with roots and were ready to transplant to the 5 gallon pots filled with Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I built two Scrog screens that are 40inx36in and placed them in the room and over the plants. Again, the female clones are under the screen in the back and the seedling's under the one closest to the door. The girls from my first grow are flowering in the veg room because there is only 4 of them. So I started the scrog grow in the flower room. That is where we stand as of right now.


Subbed as f*$& lol.

On a serious note. A great magnitude of respect and all the Rep I can give to you for your kind gestured Contribution to medical patients in need. That resonates on a personal level with me. :Namaste: I will be watching closely :)
Ur gonna wanna try and knock at least 5* off mate. Chances are they will live and grow in he current situation but hey certainly aren't.gonna.grove. 90 is warm even with gas.

Are ur duct runs straight as possible and.short as possible? Did u use elbows at the bends? 90* or 2x 45* if u did use elbows? 2x45* elbows will always be more.efficient Han any 90* elbow available, albeit it takes a bit more.room to make the turn.

Run us.through your vent setup in and out maybe we can find a.fix to get a few degrees
I would not recommend running fans and gas at the same time. If your ventilation is sufficient then u will surely be exhausting unused gas. There are many low cost controllers out there that will gas when the temp is correct and turn it off when the fans need to come on. Sealed hoods and an independent light circuit are a must if ur running high Watts in a confined area IMO. U can get away with it if u have a mini split or the like. Capable of the job. I wanna see a dialed room running led c02 and dwc I bet the yields are staggering
I am also a new be,so this is just a suggestion.I think it would work but you would have to have co2 flow from bottom of canopy ,up threw top.Again I dont use co2 so Idk,but I'm subbed!:goodluck:
Co2 is heavier than the air, so, the co2 has got to fall on the plants, I dont have problems with fans blowing during co2 enrichment cycle as long as the room is sealed, with exhaust off. The higher temps do need to be addressed, refrigeration? Like canna said, they will grow in temps that high, but they won't "flourish". Good luck, I'm subd.
Ok so I have bugs in my room for the first time. Here is a pic. Does anyone know what it is? If so is it dangerous to my girls?

That is a gnat...same shit kills all flavors of em, kill, kill, kill..........quickly! I would ID it but I can't see its abdomen or wing configuration, the two main indications when identifying these little bastards from hell!
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