BlazeSour's Nirvana AK-48 First grow

Dang partner... I love the AK shit looks so sexy and yummy cant wait til mine get like that.... That always happens to my Ak's out side when it nears the end of the flowering cycle or the end or there wonderful lives... its the buds sucking the life out of the fan leaves to feed there bud hungry lol great job man.... One of the best ak grows ive seen ina while...and its ur first..... i can just imagine ur next grow bro.... well dont forget to stop by and check the page out my friend..... nice following u and cat wait to see what the final weight of them pretty girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its da ROC baybay!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm late to the party. Nice grow, bro. I got 2 AK-48's flowering and neither look as good as yours. Must be doing something wrong. 1 is soil and 1 is hydro. The hydro is doing better but I need to look into my nutes. I got a 250 watt HPS. maybe that's the problem. Congrats + reps!:nicethread:
Hello all sorry for the lack of updates I've been extremely busy lately. I harvested the girls on new years eve. The pistils were 75% cloudy 25% amber. They are dried and now have been curing for about 1 week and a half. Ive tested the buds yesterday and Holy Shit! It's very potent with a uplifting high which is what I was looking for. The final weight was 64 grams for the AK-48, and 70 grams for the White Widow, way more than I expected, so I am extremely pleased. Well I have a ton of pics to post so I hope you guys enjoy.















And again I want to thank everyone that helped me out on this forum I couldn't have done it without you guys.:peace::thanks::bong:
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