1st Grow Journal - 600W HPS - Pure Power Plant

That's basically what im working on! Exept no tents I'm building them directly in so they aren't some bulky thing right in the way.
For example my hydro res and pipes to bring the nutes up to the plants are under the floor so that I can just rest my gutters on the floor (save for the incline from the one side) and save my overhead.

Update Time! Alright so there is nothing new to report really just watching the babies grow! They will be ready for their 3rd watering tomorrow. I like to deep soak then let them completely dry out. I'll probably pot up next Friday or so. It doesn't seem like they will be root bound by then. I'm thinking I should go grab some one gallon pots since in my last grow I went from these little square pots straight to 3 gallon pots(final home). I'm wondering if going from these to 1 gallon THEN to 3 gallon pots would be better.
No just for more manageable wet/dry cycles. I'm thinking about topping since I'm at node 5. Probably do that before or after transplant? (Minimum stress)

transplant and top it at the sixth node..you want them to recover from stress to stress...i basicly microtop them for because as i noticed they didnt stress them so much..
I just top the plant when the 6th node is starting sprouting...And if you mean that you got some Mycoryzi Bacteria ten you sould use this when you transplant to help them built some strong roots and add 1/2 a teaspoon of honey in a gallon for the bacteria to feed..and use this for 2 waterrings each time you transplant...no need for afterwards...
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