1st Grow Journal - 600W HPS - Pure Power Plant


FIMed this one a couple of days ago and it seems to have responded well to it :D

Hey guys, quick update I decided to buy the AN line, but don't worry I'm not planning to use them for this run. I will attempt to replicate A-Trains Auto Ultimate grow. Only differences being HPS all the way and I'll be using airpots instead of smartpots. Hopefully growing 4 will make up for the difference. I will still try to use his LST, "ponytail", and I'll read, reread and rereread lol. I started doing this for quality and yield, hopefully using his methods I can come close to his final weight. I will also be doing it every run for different autos if I can get a good handle on things. I'm not a horrible grower but I'm definitely not on his level yet. As for my plants, all is well, but I'm pretty sure you guys are tired of veg pics and are waiting for the real show :D coming soon guys I promise!
looking good dude. Ill be tagging along, as you are only 2 weeks ahead of me and we are both on our first grow. I'm using at 600 MH for veg. How far do you have your light away from the soil? What kind of temps and RH are you at? Just trying to get an idea if my girls look appropriate for their age.

Still getting used to the photo system. I'm dumb for deleting the other post. So once again Week 2 Day 2 of flower and the girls are looking awesome! They are all female and not 1 hermie bastard in the bunch haha. Nirvana has a repeat customer for sure! The 5 gallon pot CLEARLY is a lot larger than the rest so I will be doing all 5 gallon pots next run.
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