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Hello everyone welcome to my first grow journal. I am currently growing 5 pure power plants from Nirvana and my gf has a AK48 growing with them as well. 4 of 5 ppps broke surface last night. Only the ak and one ppp have yet to sprout. Here's info on what I'm using
200w CFL Fluorowing for seedlings
1/2 Light Warrior 1/2 Fox Farm Ocean Forest for seedlings
I have the FF trio ready for when I need to add nutes. I'm hoping to learn a lot from anybody stopping by :thumb:
Woohoo..how lucky am i...i ve ordered the same strains from nirvana too a month ago (AK-48 , Power plant and White Castle) but they never appeared..maybe its their first time policy..Any way hope you dont mind a newbie stay sillent here in a corner and just fill your bowls and learn by you on how to grow mine when they ll come !!!

Not too stretchy huh?
Quick question guys, I have a ipower 600w ballast with mh and hps. Should a get different bulbs? If so should I go with Digilux, Hortilux, or Ushio? Also I don't remember my autos stretching this much should I move my light closer?

i got different bulbs for my set up...ill let you know how ill do... :cheer:
At this point there is no need, in my hummple oppinion, for a HPS or any HID bulb...stay on a cool light cfl and continue with you MH. i started growing with a fluorecent 25wx2 bulbs till the guys were ready to go in the closet under a 6400k MH 400w...maybe you can stuck your MH with Your hps at flowering...i have a dual spectrum HPS 70%-30% for this stage...but now under my MH seem all happy and perky
and i finally solved my overwater issue i had...(new grower here too) :Namaste:
Yeah when I first started growing I thought my seedlings just weren't getting enough light (mostly because my very very first grow was outside so I had no indoor plants to compare them to) so I put my florescent light down right on top. it was as they grew out and planted my next batch that I realized that's just how they are! What a relief. So I planted some test bag seed just to try different light levels. It is definitely easy to give them not enough light at that stage. But I did discover something I didn't expect. Due to the fact that they were test strains when they stretched way to much under very little light and I really didn't need them I cut the little seedling and just put it on top of the dirt and put the pot outside. A week or so went by and I noticed the seedling was still green, but not just green it was growing so I pulled it up and the little stem had rooted and filled the pot with roots. Crazy she became my new baby! Until it showed me HIS true sex. Lol depressing :)
Cheers m8...no need to dial down your MH you can just keep it far for the first 2 days so the guys can adapt in the new light...i place my MH at 30 cm above the tops the first day after the Fluoros and i got a minnor light burn and some signs of heat stress...the guys recovered as they slept an the next day i place my lamp at 60cm for 3 days and tap it down to 40cm now wich is my current distance.they love it in there...soon transplant and hopefully in 2 weeks time we will see some signs of sex....(Cross fingers).My white AK-48 and PPP lost their way.. so till the re-order comes i will give my best to my mystery children and try to steal some knoweldge from them... :allgood:
I really don't even know I always have plants going if I can. I only recently bought a place I can set up a perminant grow spot! Yay :) lol but I have grown many strains of auto and regular photo period plants. My favorite so far has been
Green house seeds -super lemon haze
F-ing yum!
However I got a puppy and he ate my clones :( so for a whIle she was a goner.
I have recently aquired more seeds tho so they are popped and have been for a couple weeks. I'll pick my favorite of the 3 and keep her. Make some fem seeds. And I want to cross breed her with some
Sincityseeds-Tangerine power
If the Tangerine power stays true to its form they should make a fantastic citrus cross :)
I keep my autos under my veg and mother lights or the greenhouse outside so I always have an in between crop. And I like breeding plants together to make flavors. Potency and yields higher it's just fun! :)
I'm working on 3 areas
1)main area for flowering (the nft perpetual grow I'm going to do) I'm just in the process of building it!
2)a cloning/veg area I'm going to clone move those to veg for a week then cut more clones and when those root add those to the veg and add the already veg to flowering until I start harvesting then I'll just keep the cycle up.
3) a small breeding room so I can experiment with strains
I'll post all of that in a thread when I get closer.
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