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New SSV....q's?

Scott Wheelman

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Hey -

Help...I want to try out my new "toy" but can't figure it out (man I feel stupid).

Just purchased a SSV to try out vaporizing (sans-bag). Got the unit, and pardon my ignorance, but I believe I got a "wand" (bowl and tube) and a smaller piece (mouthpiece, I think), and the unit. No tubing/whip material. What size tubing and length of tubing do I need? Where to purchase? Hate to have to order another item, but if needed, I could get a "whip/wand" combo from 7th Floor (makers of SSV).




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Re: New SSV....q's???

This same thing happened to me when I got my Da Budda vape. I couldn't find my hose either. The next day I happened to stick my hand all the way down one of the pockets of the bag it came in and there it was, coiled up at the bottom.

TDLR: make sure you check the bottom of each pocket.
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