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newbie lighting for first grow


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Hello I`m days away from buying lites for my grow rm 5ftx5ft x6ft tall. I think if my math is right that is 150cf of air space have an 190cfm exhaust fan. My lite choices are driving me crazy.
I thought about 16 bulb quantum bb fl pretty expensive mixed reviews.
Also 1000 watt hps many brands- Virtual Sun-Apollo Horticulture-I Power-Ulti LUMENEX?
Also Digital or Dimible Digital or Magnetic ballast?
Hood choices come into play as well will I need an cooling hood or just a reflecter?
Very thankful for any input before I spend $$$


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Hi there and welcome to :420:

Do you have a budget ??...

Other things to consider are your grow space area??.... Is heat going to be problem for example...

I know lighting options can be daunting at the inception, but fear not.... We all have the same quandry....

Hopefully a lighting boffin will help you soon on the details.

Running costs are another consideration too..

Best of luck in your first grow, any questions, put them up on here



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Your math is correct.

The formula for cubic feet is length x width x height (in inches), then divide the total by 1728 (the total of 1 square foot 12x12x12)

I agree with Bud. Knowing the budget would be very helpful.
What other grow supplies do you need? That comes into play as well. There are really, really nice grow tent packages available.

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Have you considered LED ??

In the market for one myself..

My reasoning is running costs and heat are lower than hps...... If you have to stay stealthy it may help.

Your fan set up is good.. If you dont pump air INTO the tent, allowing it to be drawn in naturally. You get negative pressure... No smelly leaks... All air goes thru filter... Happy daze..

My first grow box went by this principle... Couldnt smell anything...



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Hey there, just popping in to see if I can answer any specific questions about your lighting needs. You can reply here, or come chat with us on our website or facebook page!

We can answer questions about your specific needs or LED lighting in general.
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