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Noob question: Harlequin strain


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Chronic back pain sufferer here hoping to find some peace.

I'm still in the research phase of learning the intricacies of growing, so please forgive my naivety if this question comes across as such:

Is Harlequin a clone only?

I read it was somewhere, after searching quite some time for seeds.

After reading Jandre2k3's amazing grow build, I began searching for Harlequin. Any direction would be much appreciated, or any guidance on high CBD strains that help with chronic pain.


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I believe that at the moment Harlequin is a clone only strain. If you are in the US are you in or near a cannabis friendly state?

Hopefully soon somebody will make some harlequin seeds so the love can be spread.

Autoflowers may be the way to go. A lot of them have decent CBD and are lo in THC. MED GOM 1.0 is a high BD auto strain. The plants are small, but they are fast so You could fit more in the same space as a larger plant and they only take a few months.

There are a lot of good seed companies that sponsor :420:
I like the Single Seed Centre. desecrate, and surprisingly wicked fast shipping. In my experience.

Good luck! I hope you find some relief


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Thanks Sweetleef, I really appreciate the info!
I didn't realize autoflowers were a bit higher in that ratio, I'll definitely look into that. Very useful suggestion on the Med Gom 1.0, thank you.

I'm in the US, but not currently near a friendly state (I'm in the Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky area), but would travel for a Harlequin clone! haha
Again, pardon the noob'ness, but are they easier to attain there?
If that's not an option, I'll hurry up and wait for some seeds if they ever come around.

The development of strains that help with pain relief without throwing me too far off my mental game is such exciting news. I'm grateful this community does what it does :)

Thanks in advance for any further advice!


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There is some Harlequin around these parts, but it's in very high demand and not super easy to get. That being said a good friend of mine has a mother and is going to give me a few clippings, so I will have Harlequin eventually. Just keep your eyes open and I'm sure a Harlequin will find it's way to you.


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Great resources and insight guys, thanks a ton!

I'll be keeping my eyes out for clones in the future, and if nothing comes about I'll try ordering (thanks Bigjack).

In the meantime I'm going to finish my research and get a stable environment to grow in. The last thing I want to do is test run with something difficult to come by :p

Thanks for all your help!
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