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Nutes, LST and general help - posted pics

Mamma Canna

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I would like to know what I should be using right now for fertilizer/nutrients for my 2 beauties. I'm growing outside on my patio in 5 gallon buckets and they are planted in a soiless organic potting mix with some seaweed compost mixed in. They get a lot of sun during the day - I've heard so much about Advanced nutrients and foxfarm, etc but I don't really know what I should be using. It's just 2 plants for personal smoke, but I still want it to be good. All I've had up until now is 20-20-20 fertilizer which is apparently only beneficial for grass. I've been tying them down for the past 2 weeks and they seem to be doing really well - that reminds me - do I eventually untie the the main string and how early can I start tying down the new branches? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - they're both M-39 (Skunk #1)


- this was on the 1st of July

- the rest are from today (July 15th)



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Mamma Canna

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I've done some research and I think I'm going to go with the Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Tea Grow and then with the bloom when it's time. I had a look in my area today for places that would sell this kind of products are there isn't any! All the numbers that I founf listed online were no longer in business which sucks. I have to order online, but at least I can order from a Canadian company still.

Thanks for the info!:allgood:


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try and find the MFG website, sometimes they have a store locator. . . i.e foxfarms has one, and they listed all the stores within a specified number of miles that carried those products. . .

BTW, you don't untie. . leave it tied. When I use "LST", I usually try and put the stem closer to one of the sides. . . one of the reason I start in small pots, so when I repot, I can place it closer. This way when you bend the main stem over, it doesn't hang over the pot so much.. . this also makes it easier to tie down your branches, evenly around your pot.

Bagz :peace:
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