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Day 60 update! The blueberry is starting to show signs of yellowish leaves so I think I'm starting to get close to the end. The trichomes are getting a little cloudy. Can't wait! My other 'mystery' plant is covered in crystals, though I didn't top her so she's not to big. Had my tent crammed with 4 plants but the two photoperiods I had turned out to herm so at least I got more breathing room now . Other than that I'm pretty happy with how my first grow is coming out. My colas aren't massive but they'll get the job done. Also have at least 30 days left so hopefully they'll continue to swell up. Dealing with lower 80's in my tent which i don't know if that's preventing me or what but I learned a great deal this go round from everyone here and I'm ready for the next one! Please leave your opinion on what ya see, thanks!



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nothing ; that all look very good - especially now that you are in late flower and going to harvest very soon _ thanks for charring - PEACE
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