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Oxnard to Vote on Moratorium Extension Tonight

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Oxnard City Council to Vote on Moratorium Extension
Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006 7p.m.

WHO: Patients and supporters in Oxnard, San Diego and L.A. area
WHAT: Oxnard City Council to vote on 10 month extension to Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006 7p.m.
WHERE: City Hall, 305 W. Third St. Oxnard
WHY: The council will consider extending a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The council first passed a 45 day moratorium on November 15th, 2005. Then, they extended the moratorium an additional 10 months and 15 days. The agenda item will be in the consent calendar, but can be pulled into public hearing if patients show up to speak.

Information: 385-7803, http://www.ci.oxnard.ca.us
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