Ph Meter Issues (Easy Answer)

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Hey 420magazine,

So I recently recieved my Ph meter in the mail and have started using it. However I have ran into some issues.. well concerns when using it.

I had Subnoise over about 2 weeks ago and he had brought his Ph meter so I could get some readings on my water and nutes and stuff. He has a very nice one, the one the grow store near my house sells for $65... When using his pen my Tap Water tested at 6.5Ph...

Directly after calibrating mine and rinsing the sensor with Distilled Water, my Tap Water read at 7.5 Ph. I have been using that pen to Ph my nutrients and so far there hasn't been any noticeable problems on my plants...

This is the Pen I got...

Dr.Meter® 0.1pH PH002 High Accuracy Pocket Size pH Meter with ATC


I got it from amazon, it only has good reviews.... I am very confused and am not sure what to do. I also don't have the funds for another Ph meter at the moment... How do I know what is right?!

Thanks everyone
You better check the reviews again, 365 reviews and lots are not good. I just returned that meter to Amazon. It seemed to work OK for me too. Then after I used it a couple of times I could not get it to stabilize. I followed the instructions, I recalibrated it. I did a test and it seemed ok again. After one test I put it back in the distilled water. I went to do a second test on another jug of water, the same tap water that was in the first jug. I got a reading that was almost a point higher. I left it setting in the water while I read over the instruction again. The reading just keep going up. I then started comparing it to the PH indicator drop from General Hydroponics, no where close. I tried calibrating it before each test, checked the same water and could not get the same results. Perhaps I got a defective one. I would compare it to your friends meter on several tests.
When the batteries go bad in them they will give you weird readings, just throwing that out there.

I wonder what the possibility of bad batteries is in a new product.. that would be a shame. I have already set up the return order on Amazon, going o ship it this Friday once I get a new, more quality Ph Meter.

Maybe I'll grab some batteries and see if that makes a difference...

Thanks you guys, I really appreciate the info.. I don't want to keep using this Ph Pen if it is setting me up for disaster... I'm sure you all feel the same! :cheesygrinsmiley:
Those test drops work pretty well as a back-up whatever meter you get. They give you something to check your meter against as well which has saved me many times in the past.
I just bought the Hannah ph checker. The red one for around 30 $. The guy at the place calibrated it. When I use it, the numbers take forever to stabilize for one. I can take a sample, pull the tester out, shake it off, test the same sample again, and get a new number. And the new number is off enough to where you would be messing things up if you adjust the ph. I think this meter is knows for doing this? The blue lab one pen maybe for around 80$...if you take a sample and test it again a few seconds later will you get the same number? Other wise it is a little hard to know what to do....
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