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Pineapple Express Auto Fem, Grow time


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Im interested in growing some pineapple express im not sure which seeds to get though, I was thinking either G13, or Barneys

At the moment im leaning more towards Barneys as the plant is super sort 50cm max size, any idea how long it would take to grow and flower?

Barneys Pineapple Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Specs
type Auto-Flowering / Feminized / Indica
GENETICS Ruderalis X Skunk #1 X Cheese
yield 15 to 20 gr
HEIGHT 40 to 50 cm
flowering time Auto-Flowering
Harvest time Auto-Flowering
THC 12 to 15%
CBD High
quantity 3 or 5 seeds per pack

Theres some info ive pulled up, cant seem to find anyone who knows

Brown :blunt:


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Standard veg time is around 30 days, with a 60 day flower for typical indicas and strain dependent. Looking at a rough schedule of 90 days from seed to chop. (Plus dry and cure time) But, you're going Auto, not too familiar with actual durations but I would imagine around the same time frame, around 30-40 days before buds, than 80-90 when you're ready to harvest.
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