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Pink Candy Review


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A friend of mine gave me a clone of this weird little bush and said "read about it". I dont usually have room for a gift like this but i read about it and I made room.

The info on this strain is pretty mysterious. No one can give a definative answer as to where it comes from, but the majority say its parents are Cotton Candy and Stinky Pinky, with a little Sweet Tooth.

This plant took off. It had extremely small stems that would leave the buds laying on the ground without yoyos. Id say its mostly sativa. Every bud from the top to the smallest node wart was rock hard. Ive never seen that. The trichome count was very high. The smell was something special. It started with a sweet skunk in veg. But the "sweet" took over and turned into one of the strongest fruity smell ive ever had in flower. When walking into my room it was the most prominent smell, even with 4 other King Tut plants at basically the same age.

The smoke is the best ive EVER had. I ended up squirreling what i had and not sharing (after i kicked some down to my friend) the high is very strong and would leave me staring at the TV wondering if we had cheese for nachos. Im a big fan of huge joints. I dont like the taste of paper at all. A J of this stuff would last me a couple days. The flavor was the most impressive part. Super sweet fruity flavor that stays fresh all the way to the end of a joint. Ive never had anything like it, and im on my second season with Strawberry Banana. S Banana is good, but isnt shit compared to Pink Candy



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You were not able to breed her?
I didnt know anything about it. A friend just kind of dropped it in my lap. I should have monster cropped it. It looked pretty good in flower. The smell was amazing, but I really didnt know much about it till it was all said and done.


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I think the stinky pinky is likely hot as they are working with f4 generation now and staying with it. But I think that sweetness that you like is from the CC line. Check out Delicious Seeds CC you might be able to replicate a near copy with Delicious CC & BC seed co's. stinky pinky. SP was never available feminized so that's the male in the cross for certain. Conversely CC is only available as feminized. At any rate you had your hands on a very bad ass hybrid and its ALWAYS worth chasing the dragon!
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