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Kali Orange 0.3 Gram In A J


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Had this for a few weeks now and it never fails to disappoint. The strong pungent fruity skunk smell is a treat whilst rolling up. The buds are dense and completely dominated by long thick orange hairs, even the crystals shimmer a little bronze. The dense buds fluff up mega when ground up. This was always going to be a decent smoke as i knew the grower very well and the harvest was at an optimal timing, it was an organic outdoor grow so the taste was always going to be dapper. The grow was from May-September and yield was pretty impressive. Thick naughty Colas growing to about 1.8m tall. Pretty robust hybrid to survive our shit uk summer.

Taste and Aroma:- The best Ive had for a while, i was blown away by the sweet smell, and boy did it smell LOUD! the taste was like those fruit salad sweets and every toke was a pleasure and even just chilling after with that strong smell was therapy itself.

THE HIGH:- Totally wavy feeling, it comes on pretty quick half way through the joint I could feel the warmth flowing through my body. So chilled and relaxing not intense just calming and yet my head could think and function so clearly. I was happy kicking my back with the wife watching TV just melting onto the bed.

Personally this is the best smoke Ive had for my arthritis my knees and hips instantly felt cooler and the burning throbbing feeling is surpressed for the night, amazing sleep and felt fresh in the morning. I recommend this for other arthritis sufferers or people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety. Its highs a calming and relaxing not intense but last for hours and it totally gives you a full nights sleep.
I would be unable to give it marks out of 10 at the minute because it would be bias of me, its certainly my favourite at the minute but Ive got some cheese I'll be trying tonight.
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