Plant starting to flower in veg

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Hi just wondering if anyone can shine some light on what's happening here. I'm trying to create a mother plant. I bought some exotic genetics kimbo kush x triple og REGULAR seeds. Ended up with 3 females. Took some cuts off each after they'd been in veg for about 8 weeks. There about 12 weeks old now and 2 of them are clearly trying to flower and I'm starting to see bud sites. Why would this be happening? There on 18/6 room has no light leaks. Temp is about 75f humidity about 50%. One of the plants ain't doing it but the other 2 are. I remember a few years back when I tried to use a fem seed to create a mother plant and that did the same thing, then the cuttings took ages and struggled to root. I thought that happened because fem seeds were no good for a mother plant because they do that and u needed to use reg seeds for a mother so that wouldn't happen. Here I am a few years down the line trying again with reg seeds and the same thing is happening except on 1 plant. Why? Is it because there a mad hybrids or sumit? I'll throw a pic up now. There in soil by the way.
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Ye I bought these from Attitude not direct from breeder so doubt they'd be interested. Might just email them n let them know but then again they are selling them as souvenirs so probably won't entertain my complaint.

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I purchased mine through a seed bank that was a sponsor here at one point. They didnt want to help me out because they cant talk about plants or growing so i emailed the breeder of the seeds. They asked for pics and are sending more seeds then what i bought good luck
I had a similar problem with a former sponsor. What I had was clearly an auto since it started flowering after 8 weeks under 18/6. They swore they sent me no autos. Let's just say that they aren't a sponsor anymore. :circle-of-love::peace: