Plants Look Scorched. Need Help!


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My plants leaves are browning and are curling upwards. I have a week left until I pick them, and I am starting to flush them today. I have been spraying water on the leaves to try and get the leaves back to their normal state.

If anybody can help it would be much appreciated.

JJ Bones

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How close is the light? And what are the temps?

Plus the inside of your forearm on top of your cola and see if it feels uncomfortable.


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what type of soil and nutes and have you been spraying them with anything a little more ino would help it looks like nute burn but without more ino just a wild guess :thedoubletake:


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not much we can do now I guess youll have to chalk this one up to a lesson learned to prolly a nute dificiency if all you used is the mj soil and no plant food when watering then its a safe bet thats what it was if your on a budget try getting some osmocote plus plant food and add it to your plants next go around
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