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Police Bust Man with 90 Kilos of Marijuana


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JAKARTA: North Jakarta Police announced Monday they had arrested a man for alleged possession of 90 kilograms of marijuana.

Ra bin Daud, 30, was arrested in his rented room in Koja, North Jakarta, with the contraband, which he allegedly got from Aceh.

The drugs, found wrapped and duct-taped inside his closet, had an estimated street value of Rp 225 million (US$23,000), North Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Rudi Sufahriadi said, as quoted on the police's website.

North Jakarta Police narcotics division chief Comr. Suparmo said a kilogram of marijuana could fetch up to Rp 2.4 million.

"This was the third batch; the first and second batches were larger - 98 and 140 kilos - and both sold out," he said as quoted by vivanews.com.

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