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AIDS Activist Arrested For Ordering Marijuana Via Facebook


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Police in Kediri, East Java, have arrested Mohammad Roni, chairman of a local chapter of the AIDS Prevention Commission, for ordering marijuana through a Facebook account.

The police found a package of 10-kilogram marijuana after they searched a local delivery service, and found that the package was for Roni.

"We arrested him (Roni) while he was shopping at Alfamart supermarket," Adj. Comr. Kusumardi, chief of Kediri police's drug unit, was quoted by Tempointeraktif.com as saying.

Roni told police investigators that he ordered the marijuana from his friend in Malang, also in East Java, via his Facebook account because he believed that Facebook had high regard for privacy.

Roni said that he had long consumed marijuana and the package was for his own consumption and not for resale.

Kusumardi said the police would charge Roni under articles of the anti-narcotic law that could get him seven years in prison.

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