Post pictures of seeds for each strain to find pattern


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I'm curious to know if EACH Cannabis strain has a pattern to how its seeds look. For Example: Some seeds have Several long tiger stripes, and some just have lots of veins. I'm also curious to know if it would be easier to identify a cannabis strain by looking at the harvested bud or by looking at the pattern of the seed?

The hopes of this thread
1. Post pictures of both sides of multiple seeds of same strain if possible.
2. Add the Name of the strain and breeder.

Hopefully this would eventually make it easier to identify the validity of a seed.

Also, posting multiple pictures of the same seed may also help identify phenol types.
Example: If we have images of [strain A] and [strain B], and we make a cross [A X B],
it may be possible to take images of the cross [A X B], and identify patterns in the image of [strain A] and/or [strain B], such that one could tell which parent (A or B] is more dominant.

I just figured I would throw this SEED of an idea in the dirt and see if it grows some good shit!
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