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Protesters Stand Up For Medical Marijuana

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Protesters were out in small groups Wednesday evening at the Missoula County Courthouse and in front of the Hampton Inn on North Reserve in response to federal raids on medical marijuana clinics across Montana.

University of Montana graduate student Blair Gemmer stood at the courthouse holding a sign that read "I'm not a criminal."

Gemmer, who has had his green card for about a year to treat migraines he's had for 10 years, said he hopes people realize that legal medical marijuana users are not criminals.

"I want to show the public that we're not afraid of showing our faces," he said.

There was another protest being held at the Hampton Inn in response to a rumor that approximately 50 federal agents had checked in.

In front of the Hampton Inn, College of Technology student Laurie Sween held a sign in protest of the raids. Sween, who goes to Zoo Mountain Natural Care for her medical marijuana, said she agrees that abusers and illegal drug traffickers should be held to justice, but people who legally obtain medical marijuana for legitimate reasons should be left alone.

"[The government] would rather us take Percocet," Sween said.

Sween, who suffers from liver cancer and arthritis, said she has taken prescription drugs to treat her illnesses, but prefers to smoke marijuana, and has been for almost a year.

"I think everyone has the right to whatever prescription they need," Sween said.

Logan Head, a former UM business student, started Zoo Mountain Natural Care, and stood in front of the Hampton Inn as part of the group of protesters. Head refused to comment on how he became aware that federal agents were staying at the Hampton Inn.

Fawn Kendall, the front desk receptionist of the Hampton Inn, said there were no federal agents staying there.

"There's no way they can even be here," she said.

Kendall explained that an anonymous person had called to confirm with the Hampton Inn on Tuesday night that about 50 federal agents had checked in. Kendall told the caller there was no way they could be there, and that there are only 61 rooms at the hotel.

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