Questions & Answers - How To Deal With Spambots

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Teddy Edwards

420 Support
420 Staff
Please do not respond to or post in a thread started by a spambot.

When we delete the spambot and its posts, we also have to clear up any genuine member responses, which substantially increases our workload fighting these annoying posters. Secondly, there is a danger that you will get swept up in the banning process and the last thing we want to do is ban a legitimate member. Finally, responding to them is pointless. They do not read or return to their threads.

The only action we'd ask you to take is to report them using the report button at the bottom left of every post. You only need to report a single spambot once, however many posts they have made. Multiple reports also increase our workload, distracting us from the job of keeping the website clean.

Thank you for supporting our spambot team and 420 Magazine. We are truly grateful.

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