420 Magazine Seeking Volunteers For Spambot Patrol


We are seeking volunteers for our Spambot Patrol, to combat the dreaded spammers that have been attacking us from other countries. Please contact hr@420magazine.com with any prior experience you might have, along with your intentions for joining our team.

Thank you for your support, we are truly grateful. :thanks:

Thank you to everyone who has thrown their hat in the ring, we are discussing all applications in the back now and have started reaching out to some of you. Thank you for your patience while we get to everyone. Thank you also to all of you who have been helping us by reporting the spambots, we are truly grateful. Once we have a solid, global spambot team, hopefully there will be no more reason for members to report them, because Spambot Patrol will be picking them off as they appear. :high-five:

This new department of our mission is critical to helping our Mod team, so they can get back to working with and helping members, instead of being overwhelmed by spambots all day, then getting too burned out to handle reports. You really have no idea how much this means to us and our mission. :adore:

If you haven't heard from us yet, please be patient as we go through our analysis. It takes time to investigate, communicate, screen and process. If you are not chosen this time around, do know that we appreciate your offer deeply and will keep everyone's applications on file, for when the time comes again.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support, we are truly grateful for all of you. :circle-of-love:

We've got one Spambot Patrol recruit trained and on guard, one on trained and vacation for two weeks and another who just retracted their offer. So we're still looking for at least one or two more Spambot Patrol volunteers, please reply if interested. :thanks:
Thank you for your offer Spookie, the team said we need a little more time in the trench first, as 4 months is not enough time to establish enough of a posting history for us to investigate. I'll keep you on the list, just in case anything changes. Thank you so much for your offer, we are truly grateful. :circle-of-love:

I report it when I see it... :)

What he said. The quicker someone does, the less likelihood that the 'bot will be able to disturb things (IOW, someone unthinkingly replies to one of the spam posts).
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